Spring’15 is here – Some unknown issues

When I arrived at work last Monday, I could realice that most of our Development orgs were upgraded to Spring ’15 version during the weekend. That was a fantastic new, as we could start using new features that the new release offers.

I would like to talk more about some nice enhancements that Spring’15 brings to us, but these posts will be written in the future. Today I would like to mention a couple of changes that I found and made me also need to contact Salesforce.

Running some of our code that was working without issues on Winter’15, suddenly was failing and since the upgrade was the only change that we applied since last week, we started to think that the new behavior could be due to the upgrade.

As usual, my first try was to look for it on google, and it happened something complete new for me. Nothing related to the bellow topics. Next try, talk with some colleagues … they gave me some good advices, but nothing fixed the issues. After that I tried on StackExchange. Unfortunately , answers just confirmed what I was getting, so finally I raised some cases to Salesforce.

1. common.exception.SfdcSqlException: 
Unable to find column 'parent.NAME' in result set metadata

Have you ever seen this? It was my first time, but as one of my unit tests were returning the error, it was quite quick to identify the line that was causing it. I was trying to remove a feeditem record via code. Somehting so simple as:

delete [Select Id From myObject__Feed];

What did I try?

  • I commented the line in order to be sure that the error was not thrown somewhere else. But the test worked without it.
  • I created the feedItem and remove it manually. No issue at all.
  • I created the feedItem and executed the above line of code on Developer Console. It worked and the chatter post also disappeared from my org.
  • At this point I was thinking that the issue could be related with just the code, so the next step was to check with another API version. The latest one, the previous one … but the error appeared again.

Salesforce case status is escalated to Development support so we can say that something wired is happening with Salesforce and Chatter post and although I don’t have the answer yet to help you how to fix it, I will post it on this blog as son as I have. I know this is not an answer, but at least, you can confirm that you are not the only one getting it.

2. Insert failed. First exception on row 0; first error: 
FIELD_INTEGRITY_EXCEPTION, Related To ID: id value of incorrect 
type: a0S24000000HeEQEA0: [WhatId]

It looked quite familiar to me, and I’m sure that most of you know the reason as well. If you disable Allow Activity checkbox on a custom object, and you try to create a Task related to it you get this error. So you can think, which is the issue then? Winter’15 provided this exception:

Insert failed. First exception on row 0; first error: 
id value of incorrect type: a0Sw000000Nt4j9EAB: [WhatId]

However now Salesforce has updated the message and replace Opportunity/Account ID with Related To ID. The reason is quite simple, they have changed the Task WhatID label to Related To ID, and before its label was Opportunity/Account ID. You can find more information on documentation.

I would really appreciate any comment or feedback on this post related to other issues that you have found after the upgrade, or fixes.

In any case I would like to also say that Spring’15 offers amazing features and we should not be disappointed just because we found some issues at the beginning.