My name is Agustina García and studied Computer Science degree at Granada University. After finishing it, I found my first job in the same city.

In 2008 I started at FinancialForce.com company and since then, Salesforce has been part of my life. Everyday I have to deal with a new challenge that helps me to increase my knowledge on Force.com world. This helped me to get my current role, Principal Developer on Platform Strategy as well as getting Salesforce Developer and Advance Developer certifications.

I’m based in one of our Spanish offices and although my language is not English, I will try to write this blog in the language that use every day for my job. Why? The first goal of these entries is to share the knowledge that I have, as well as receive feedback from others, and right now English can help me to make it readable to more people. However this doesn’t mean that I will not write anything in Spanish. If I want to talk about a topic for beginners, I will do it in my home language because there are less Salesforce blogs in Spanish than we would like to have.

What will you find here? I would like to talk about topics that I find interesting to share. Some entries will include pieces of code, or just ideas. And other my thoughts or experience about Salesforce news or events.

So lets start.

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