Dreamforce ’16 – What I did not tweet

One of the first things I did after coming back from my maternity leave, was to attend Dreamforce ’16. And this post is about this amazing event. However I would like to write something different from others. First of all, don’t expect a technical entry where I praise all Salesforce news. They were really good this year, but DF is more than a technical event. It’s networking, it’s enjoy the place, the sun. It’s comeback with ideas to explore at home and keep feelings of these sort time.

So, what are you going to read here? My experience but with small sentences. Although my smartphone was ready to write tweets, I did not have time for it. It was write or listen, so I decide to pay attention and make pics.

So, What I did not tweet?

Day 1 – 4th of October

06:00 – Start my #DF16 trip. @Bilbao airport. Long queue for checking. Will I miss my flight? It’s a bit delayed … so far so good.

09:30 – At Schiphol airport. Close to lose my connection to San Francisco!! So lets do some exercise, run along Amsterdam airport!! I get it. Sit down and #relax for the next 11 hours.

11:45 – #Border has no end 😦  But I’m on time for #FinancialForce DevTalks. Starting to feel tired.

13:00 – Where is my luggage? This suitcase is similar to mine but it is not mine!! Sorry Mrs García, not sure where your belongings are 😦 😦 😦 #luggagelost #noclotheswithme

14:00 – Arrive to the hotel with a new San Francisco T-shirt bought at the airport and looking forward to having a shower. Sorry Mrs García, your room is not available yet. You would have to wait. What?? 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 #anythingelse?




14:30 – Dreamforce registration. Here is my credential!!






17:00 (2:00 in Spain) – FinancialForce Dev Talks’16 starts!! Nice to share the stage with Andy Fawcett and Jesse Atlman


19:00 – Time for #MVP dinner … I cannot do it. Tired and need to buy some clothes for tomorrow. But I think that I missed my #amazingbbq 🙂

Day 2 – 5th of October



7:00 – Nice views from my room #lovesunnydays


11:00 – @Salesforce Circle of Success session. Success: arrive on time – lost in the hotel. No session success … 1 attendee in a table with 5 MVPs. Poor him lot of questions about what he needed. Should it be in the other way around? @Salesforce, #2far2lazy2go.



12:30 – Searching my #MVP seat @Salesforce Keynote. I’m so exciting!! This year I’m not on the last row of the room (literally last one).

13:00 – @Salesforce Keynote starts !! Don’t miss it.

13:15 – @Will.I.am and WHERESTHELOVE #ovation


14:00 – Einstein makes your app smarter. On my #todo list for home.

14:30 – @Red moment. It’s not charity, it’s justice. Where you have born shouldn’t determine how long is your life.

14:45 – Never been so close to Mark Benioff #FanMoment 😀




17:00 – Moscone West has changed a lot!! New location for #Trailhead area and Theaters #newworld #admin #developers


20:30 – Salesforce Gala starts with U2 “Uno, dos, tres, catorce!!”


Day 3 – 6th of October

07:30 – Starting the day with energy @Mel’sDinner and my @FinancialForce colleagues


08:30 to 17:00 – @SalesforceDevelopers day. #Heroku #Gamification #RESTAPI #SOAPAPI #NewPlatformEventObject #BigObjects and #Developer KeyNote with Jesse and David Frudd



20:00 – A tired day ends with #clamchowder





Day 4 – 7th of October

9:00 – Time to come back @home but before taking, pic of Moscone area and Salesforce arch. Looking forward to coming back again. #DF17 the 6th of November.

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