Snippet about my Dreamforce ’15 sessions

Dreamforce is the most important conference about Salesforce around the world, I’m sure that you already know about it, but if not, look at my first blog entry talking about my experience on such amazing place.

Do you go to Dreamforce’15 this year?

If not, don’t be upset. You can follow it in streaming and start thinking about a good strategy to be there next year. This article is quite useful to convince your manager to send to you ūüôā

However, if you answer is yes, then …. I’m looking forward to knowing you in person!!! How can we do it?

Maybe we are lucky and meet in Moscone West center. But this is a big place, so maybe it is difficult to find each other. But I have an idea. What about if you register to attend my sessions?

1. Apex Connector for Lightning Connect – Make anything a Salesforce object

When? Tuesday 15th of September, 4.30pm

I’m sure you already know that in order to read an external repository and show that data in real time in your Salesforce org, you can use Lightning Connect. But how? First of all we need to create a connection, and this could be done by an existing OData provider or create it via OData¬†protocol, Java and Heroku, for instance.

But since Summer ’15 we have a third option, use Apex Connector Framework that would help us to do this job just using Apex and all integrated in

What should I do in order to create my connection in Apex? It is really simple. You will only need 2 classes.

Below image shows you a skeleton of the first one, the Connector, and how I need to override 3 methods:

Captura de pantalla 2015-08-10 a las 14.42.39

This second image will help you to understand how is the second class, the Provider where we also have to override 3 methods:

Captura de pantalla 2015-08-10 a las 14.43.20

Do you want to know more about that? Don’t miss my session. Remember, Tuesday 15th of September, Moscone West, at 4.30pm.

Will you not be able to attend? Don’t worry, Salesforce always publish sessions, so I will add a link to mine as soon as it is ready. Also don’t forget to follow my blog as I’m planning a new entry talking about Apex Connector.

2. Data Pipelines – Big Data meets Salesforce

When? Thursday 17th of September, 1.30pm

Actually I will share this session with the MVP Carolina Ruiz (@carolenlanube), and she will post an entry with some explanations about it¬†on her blog soon. So follow Carol Code and Vogue and don’t miss it.

But as a quick summary, Data Pipeline is a feature that is under pilot program and helps to integrate Apache Pig and Salesforce. Having that, we will be able to execute Pig Scripts via the Developer Console, for instance, and process large amount of data asynchronously and in parallel.

Also, another advantage is the performance, that is much better than any other asynchronous feature that Salesforce offers to us right now.

Does¬†it sound really cool?¬†Yes, it is!! So don’t miss the chance to look us in action and show you how to create a Pig Script and get advantage¬†of this pilot.

Remember!! 17th of September, 1.30pm Moscone West center.

See you there!!!

Salesforce Trailheads – What’s new?

Since Salesforce released Trailheads, I have been looking for a good opportunity to write about them, and I think today is the day.

First of all, what are Trailheads? It’s a new and funny way to learn more about Salesforce. You can find different modules that help you to go step by step and know more about an specific topic. For instance, Formulas & Validations, will explain you what is a formula, how to create them, different use case to use them in a really easy way. You can just read the notes the trailhead offers, watch a video to understand better some parts of the functionality, and finally, a challenge is offered to you, so you can see if you really have understood what you have read.

And now you can think, and why do you say this is so fun? Because after completing every challenge, you can win some points and if you complete a whole trail, you get a badges, so at the end you can feel like Mario Bros jumping to get some coins.

Captura de pantalla 2015-08-06 a las 17.24.16

Trailheads are divided by role (Administrator, Developer) as well as knowledge level (Beginner and Intermediate). But if you are looking for a specific module, Salesforce also offers the Module option, where you can select the option that helps you to increase your skills, maybe Apex Testing, or Triggers. Just choose the best for you.

Finally, if you think you know quite good different features of Salesforce, you also have the chance to check it with the Project option. For instance, Quick Start: Lightning Process Builder project.

So now it is your turn to decide how you can start!!

Captura de pantalla 2015-08-06 a las 17.19.13

I have already completed one of the newest Trails, Dreamforce one, and I really recommend to you if you are planning to attend it, and most of all, if this is your first time. Last year was my first Dreamforce ever and such kind of reading could be very valuable for me.

What you can find on Dreamforce Trail?

There are 3 sections:

Get Ready for Dreamforce

Where you can read about the whole event, what you can expect and see, how you can register, help you to develop your strategy for the whole week. A really high level instructions about Dreamforce.

Admin and Developers

Ok, Partners are important, customer are really important and there are lot of spaces for them, but what about those who works every single day with the platform? Salesforce doesn’t forget us and there is a big space for Administrators and Developers. On this section you can get some information about what your role could learn as well as how having fun at Dreamforce.

Maximize your Experience

Finally on this section you can find lot of tips like wear the most comfortable shoes you have.

But one of my favorites advices is bring pen and paper. And now you think,

Really? We are technicals!! We have lot of devices that we can use!!

But can you always trust on them? Think about this use case. You are in a session and try to take some notes. Switch on your laptop and …. no battery!! There are lot of places where you can charge it, but no plug¬†closer to you. Ok, you have your smartphone, so you can take some notes. Have¬†you disabled autocomplete feature? I’m Spanish so¬†every time I try to write “brings” the autocomplete feature writes “brigada” that means squad, so remove it and try again … “brigada” again!!! Ok , it doesn’t matter, take a picture of the slide …. speaker was faster than myself and now he is explaining another thing. So bring (instead of¬†brigada) an agenda and take quick notes about whatever you want.

But please, go section by section of this Trail and discover everything by yourself. Again, this is a must read before Dreamforce ’15.

Would I like to add anything else?

As the Trail said, you can feel overwhelmed by the time you go into the Moscone center and sadly you cannot clone yourself, so I’m completely sure you will miss something, but don’t feel upset. It happens to everybody. Because of that you need to develop your strategy and the first section of the Trail gives you a good example of different things you should do, but it¬†doesn’t match with exactly anything in the real agenda, so if this is your first time, you can be a bit confused.

This is my opinion as developer:

  1. There are some Workshops that helps you to train your skills, start developing new functionality or learn about new features. That’s the first thing you have to look for and register as soon as the Agenda is released because places are really limited, so don’t doubt and join to a couple of them.
  2. Think about what is the most existing thing you have worked or heard during the last year. Look for a couple of sessions about it!! It could be Breakout sessions (40 minutes) or 30 minutes sessions on Dev Zone. It doesn’t matter, I’m sure both will be useful for you.
  3. Attend a couple of keynotes, and one must be Developer keynote. I’m sure they will make a big announcement¬†about something really special¬†and amazing for next year. During DF’14 they talked about Lightning, and today this is a common word on our vocabulary. Once it is finished, check sessions again and look for any related to latest announcement!! I’m sure there will be some seats¬†waiting for you and be one of the first to know more about it.
  4. Look for a single session related to a topic that you already know and you are used to work on it. Sometimes, the fact of listening what someone else has to say about it, can give you another perspective of  a feature / product / language, etc.

At this point we could have:

  • 2 workshops
  • 2 sessions about a topic you are interested to attend
  • 2 keynotes
  • 2 new sessions from keynotes
  • 1 session about a well known topic

Do you think 9 sessions are not too many? Go ahead and schedule some¬†others, but don’t feel very stressed about it. Book¬†also some free time for yourself to walk around the Moscone center and some other areas, sitting down and think about the last session. Talk with someone at Community Lounge or at MVP area!! Do you know that all your super heroes would be around there? Don’t miss the opportunity to know them and resolve your¬†questions!!

And above all, have fun!!! See you at Dreamfoce ’15.