Salesforce World Tour 2015 – London

Did you have the chance to attend Salesforce World Tour in London? Last 21st of May, Salesforce arrived to UK and I had the opportunity to go and see al the magic that Salesforce creates around its events.

Although it was not my first time, I was looking forward to attending. If I compare it to last year, I would summarize in a single word; Bigger. The event was organized on the same place, Excel London, same area, and looked like as usual, but once I took a look around the room, I could realize that it was organize in order to make every body feel that they had a space just for their needs.

Last year was my first time, so maybe my nervous didn’t allow me to get everything that the event was offering to us. However, this time we could see Success Experience zone, Breakout sessions, Admin Theater, Companies’ stands,  and of course place for Developers:

  • Library: Do you love the feeling of having papers on your hands? That is your place.
  • Certification zone: In order to know more about all certifications that Salesforce offers to us.
  • Demos: During the whole day, demos about Lightning, and Heroku run without stop.
  • QuickStarts about Lightning
  • CoderDodjo: A space for youngest. Children could start developing their first app.

Captura de pantalla 2015-05-23 a las 19.01.05Salesforce London quick guide blog entry

Also we could find a QuickStart zone and I had the opportunity to help. Every body could join us and try to follow the instructions that our quick start guides offered. With them, we could learn about:

  • Lightning App Builder
  • Lightning Connect
  • Lightning Process Builder
  • Lightning Component

And if you had some experience on those areas, we also had a mini-hack in order to demonstrate all your skills. But most of the people where not technical at all, so I tried to know what they did in their daily job and offered the option that could inspire them after coming back home.


As usual, the Developer Theater with all sessions for developers. As you can imagine, most of them were related to Lightning staff, but always is good to hear all use cases that awesome mind imagine to take advantage of them. Like how we can add values to a picklist field via Process Builder by Andy Fawcett (@andyinghecloud). Do you want to know more about this topic? Follow his blog. New entry about this coming soon.

This theater was another reason why I had the feeling that the event was bigger than other years. Dev zone was full of people looking forward to learning more, and if I’m sincere, that made me feel a bit nervios during my presentation: “Access External Data in Real-time with Lightning Connect”. Would you like to take a look at the slides? Find there here. Also I will publish a new entry soon with some explanations about this topic.

Finally I would like to highlight that is great to go to such kind of events, because, at the end, they allow you to meet people in person that you follow in twitter. Or, like in my case, meet again some old friends.


Looking forward to going Salesforce World Tour – London ’16